Choosing the best globe lamp

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Globe lamps are well known for their smooth luminosity that make rooms look fabulous. These lamps can be found in luxurious settings, from spas to deluxe conference rooms. While these settings are perfect for the globe lampe, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get one for your home or office. The trick is to get the right one that will perfectly match with the rest of the house. In this article, we will take a look at some of the factors to consider before choosing the best globe lamp for your premises’ perfect lighting.

Selecting the best globe lamp

Designglobe lamp

If the only thing a person is after is lighting a room, then they will get regular light bulbs. For the person with more exquisite taste, design is the primary factor when selecting the best globe lamp. There are a lot of many factors that determine the superiority of a globe lamp, from the brightness of the surface are. Other factors like printed decorations are also vital. When choosing the right design, the best way is to take into consideration of the room it will be illuminating. Selecting a design that matches the color and texture of furniture in the room.


The size of a globe lamp has to be proportionate to the size of the room. For a huge hall, it is logical to get the huge one, for obvious reasons. For a small or medium room, getting a smaller one is better so as to give the right amount of light to scale perfectly with the room.


When buying anything in the world, it is important to make sure that you get one that is affordable and falls within your budget. There are many brands out there offering all sorts of globe lights, therefore, making it possible for people to access them at reasonable prices. Make sure to check the different brand, account for the features you are looking for then proceed to choose the right one. Make sure that you don’t overspend on these lights as there are various affordable brands out there.

Power source

Different countries have different mains volPower sourcetages. For instance, the United States of America uses 110 volts while most of the other countries use 220 – 240 volts. A proper globe light for your home should be able to support the mains used in your country. Therefore make sure to check the voltages before getting your home a globe lamp.

These are some of the top factors to consider when getting a globe lamp.

How To Design Your kitchen

Design Your kitchen

The kitchen is a vibrant part of every home; it’s a vibrant hub that is always buzzing with activity that goes beyond just the preparation of food. Over the years, the kitchen has become the focal point of most homes thereby raising the need to come up with good kitchen designs.

Below are basic guidelines on how to design your kitchen.


The kitchen should not be perceived as an island; it needs contact with the outside world that is accomplished by car. You can have the adjoining room used a garage attached to the kitchen or have the back door lead to the driveway, so you do not go through much hassle bringing in your groceries or taking out your trash.

The Work Triangle

Design Your kitchenIn the past, kitchen designs were done around a work triangle; it determined the position of the sink, refrigerator, and the range. A good kitchen design should make the distance between the three appliances comfortable because most kitchen work revolves around them. If the distance is much, whoever will be cooking will become tired trotting between them, and if too close the work area will be cramped.

There are three major layouts for the work triangle; the galley, I-shaped and the u-shaped. The u-shaped design places the three appliances on three different walls. In the I-shaped layout, one instrument is positioned on one wall while the other two are put on another. If you are working on very tight space, you can have all the appliances arranged along the same wall thus the name galley.


If you have been wondering how to design your kitchen, light falls among the top considerations. Having good lighting in the kitchen helps bring out your work top, food, cabinets and lastly you. Below are some lighting designs you may adopt:

• Recessed lighting to help you get rid of shadows in the room as you work. You can do this by having different task lights on worktops, sinks, cabinets, built-in pantries and kitchen islands.

• Over-cabinet lights. Such lights are more inclined to mood than function. When mounted on top of cabinets, they create displays that illuminate your ceiling and walls.

• Under cabinet lights. These lights are used for bathing counter tops with their bright light.


When choosing a floor design for your kitchen, ease of cleaning and durability should top your list of considerations.Design Your kitchen The best choices to work with include wood, ceramic tile or linoleum. They are all easy to clean, last long and come in numerous designs.

Another factor to consider is safety especially if you have children; you should consider installing textured tiles since smooth once become slippery when wet. Wooden floors, on the other hand, are a perfect option if you have high traffic in your kitchen.


When thinking of how to design your kitchen, the theme should be your first consideration. The theme you decide to work with influences your choice of lighting, floor type, kitchen units and numerous other factors.